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Latest Radarly features and KPIs

Learn in full detail the latest features added to Radarly and the full definition of the key KPIs
Scheduled Maintanance
Overview: Impact: Downtime of the platform.  Start date: Jan 23, 2018 Start time: 7:30 pm (+01:00 UTC) Estimated completion: 8:30 pm (+01:00 UTC) Maintenance type: Scheduled infrastructure maintenance Status: Completed Learn more
Main KPIs in Radarly
The main indicators used to analyze posts in your Radarly projects are:  Impressions Estimated Reach Virality Engagement Score Impression and Estimated Reach are relevant to compare share of voice between different platforms and at different period of time. Even if the absolute value of the ind... Learn more
Deep Profiling
Author's Demography Access to Demography graph by Gender & Age When you access the Analytics details page, you can click on the arrow on the top left drop-down of the Platforms tile, and you can switch to the "Author's Demography" graph  This graph displays the author's demography ... Learn more
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Legal Terms

Radarly terms of use
Facebook: Terms: Privacy Policy: Twitter: Terms: Privacy Policy: Instagram:  Terms: Privacy Policy: https://h... Learn more
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